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Always Bring your Best  Game!

It feels as if my learned skills do not show up when it matters. When I am competing, I seem not to be able to perform the same way than when I practice. It feels as if I am a different player when I compete versus when I practice. It is common to find ourselves not performing to our greatest potential which usually leads to frustration. It is not that we don’t know what to do, but  we seem not to be able to execute the skills that we know we have. It may well be that our mental approach sabotages performance. How we mentally prepare ourselves to compete can significantly impact how we play. If we could bring the ideal mental approach, our learned skills will come forth. Maybe it is time to look at how we mentally approach our game and see our true athletic potential become a reality.

We offer an introductory session and packages that vary between 3 to 10 sessions. Whether it takes place at my office, on site or even on Skype, Sports Mental Edge is geared to always bring your best game.